Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lucky Winners of Free Poetry Books

The Poetry Book Giveaway officially ended at midnight last night. With more than 50 poetry blogs participating, each giving away two free poetry books and each having in the area of 50 entrants, it's been quite a lively venture. Thanks to Kelli Russell Agodon for dreaming it up. Now I hope that all the winners will read and love their books. If they do, then I hope they'll spread the word by recommending the books to other poetry lovers. Maybe even purchase a copy to give as a gift.

To select my two winners, I first put each name on a strip of paper. Then I dumped all the strips into a bowl. I picked first for my own book and then for the second book. And now for the winners:

Susan Sonnen wins a copy of my book, What Feeds Us.

Jennifer Jean wins a copy of Meg Kearney's book, Home by Now.

Both books will go out in Monday's mail.

If you didn't win, please don't give into despair. I'm cooking up another giveaway to celebrate my forthcoming book. Stay tuned.

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