Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Literary Salon

This past Sunday I went to a literary salon held in celebration of the publication of The Atheist's Prayer, a new poetry collection by Madeline Tiger. This event was arranged by Jessica deKoninck and held at her house. Twenty people attended—friends, students, and fellow poets. Many of us there could claim to be all three.

Madeline was my very first poetry teacher, probably about 20 years ago. She led the first workshop I ever took. I sat there nervous and not sure I belonged. She made me believe I did. That belief has been a precious gift to me all these years. Each week Madeline brought in hand-outs, poems, and prompts. It was like my birthday every Saturday for the duration of the workshop. We became friends and fellow poets. When my first book came out, Madeline had a new book out, so we had a joint party. That, too, was special.

This Sunday we had snacks and conversation and then a reading by Madeline. I think the literary salon just might become my favorite kind of reading. I love the intimacy and the careful attention paid by the audience to the reading. We were there to pay tribute and to enjoy. And we did. Please enjoy this one-minute video of the event.

And now enjoy the book.

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  1. Thank you for this notice. I look forward to purchasing and reading Madeline Tiger's book.

    Diane, I hope to attend your workshop at the Caffe Lena Poetry Festival.

  2. It was a great afternoon - and I agree this is a very special way to celebrate poetry!

  3. Therese--
    It would be just great to have you in my workshop! I hope you can make it.


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