Friday, June 4, 2021

The Strategic Poet: Book Update

The new craft book is moving right along. I now have all the content gathered: Thirteen Craft Talks, 36 Model Poems with 36 Prompts, 13 Commentaries, 39 Bonus Prompts, and 72 Sample Poems (written to the prompts). Permissions are done and bios are almost done. Contents is underway.

Still to be done is the Introduction. Then the dreaded Index. Then the editing and proofreading. Then the monumentally huge formatting job. Then more proofreading. Etc!

In case you're curious, here are the section headings:

I. Descriptive Details

II. Diction

III. Imagery

IV. Sound Devices

V. Repetition

VI. Figurative Language: Simile

VII. Figurative Language: Metaphor

VIII. Figurative Language: Personification

IX. Figurative Language: Hyperbole

X. Figurative Language: Apostrophe

XI. Syntax

XII. Sonnet

XIII. Odd Forms

In my last blog post, I listed all the poets who contributed Craft Talks, Model Poems, Commentaries, and Bonus Prompts. Since then I put out a Call for Submissions for the Sample Poems. The poems poured in, and I'm happy to say that all 72 spots filled quickly. Here's the list of poets whose sample poems will appear in the book:

Tiel Aisha Ansari
KB Ballentine

Nina Bennett
Libby Bernardin
Nancy Susanna Breen

Ronda Piszk Broatch
Jayne Brown

Luanne Castle

Robin Rosen Chang

Robin Chapman

Kersten Christianson
Patricia Clark
Cathryn Colman

Gail Comorat
Geraldine Connolly

Jane Mary Curran

Jessica de Koninck

Maureen Doallas
Lynn Domina
Robert Fillman
Ann Fisher-Wirth
Emily Franklin

Deborah Gerrish
Holiday Goldfarb
Lucy Griffith
Penny Harter
Lisa Hase-Jackson
Shayla Hawkins

Andrea Hollander
Karen Paul Holmes
Jenny Hubbard
Christen Noel Kauffman
Tina Kelley

Adele Kenny

Jemshed Khan

Athena Kildegaard
Kim Klugh
Lynne Knight

Marcia LeBeau
Diane LeBlanc
Denise Low
Charlotte Mandel
Joan Mazza

Maren Mitchell

Erin Murphy

Dion O’Reilly

Jenna Rindo
Janet Ruth

Jennifer Saunders

Linda Simone

Kate Sontag

Betsy Thorne
Denise Utt
Lisken Van Pelt Dus
Kory Wells
Bruce Whitacre
Scott Wiggerman
Shannon K. Winston
Elizabeth Wolf

Michael T. Young

Yvonne Zipter

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