Saturday, May 22, 2010

Interview at The Bees' Knees

Poet Nicelle Davis has posted an interview with me at her blog, "The Bees' Knees." She asks me several questions about my book, What Feeds Us, particularly about the book's construction and the significance I attach to bees. She also asks about my involvement in the poetry community, my future projects, and my advice for beginning poets. To give you a sample, here's the first question and my response:

ND: Your book What Feeds Us made me incredibly hungry for lush and savory food. Is there a dish or a recipe you would suggest that would ease my cravings after having been teased line after delectable line with your descriptions of flavor?

DL: In the poem “Anniversary” the speaker talks about Bocconi Dolci, an absolutely delectable dessert that’s guaranteed to satisfy every one of your cravings. Three layers of meringue, each covered with melted chocolate, whipped cream, and strawberries. The sweetness of the dessert is at odds with the sadness of the poem, but that’s why I chose it for that poem.

The rest of the interview can be read here.

Here's what this delectable dessert looks like. I can make this! It's my favorite dessert.

And here's the poem referred to in my first response.


Tonight, on this darkest night of the year,
after a satisfying meal,
we will eat bocconi dolci.
We will not speak of sadness.
We will not remember.
The antique clock will stop tolling.
For once the chimes will be still.
For this one night only,
earth will defy gravity,
and turn the other way.
I will slice bocconi dolci,
place it on pale bone china.
We will be ravenous
for meringue, the three shells
piled on top of each other,
for the cream I whipped,
the ripe strawberries picked
from our garden. The buds
on our tongues will blossom
under delicate layers of chocolate.
And if the doorbell rings, we will not answer.
We will dance until we are dizzy.
We will dance as if we were young,
but quietly, quietly,
as if somewhere in the house
a small child slept,
a child who might be wakened by laughter.

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