Friday, February 4, 2011

Adanna: Call for Submissions

 A new print journal is about to enter the literary world. It's called Adanna, a name of Nigerian origin, pronounced a-DAN-a, and defined as “her father’s daughter.” As the name indicates, this journal is dedicated to women. Work appearing in the journal will in some way reflect women's issues and celebrate womanhood. However, it is not exclusive; men are welcome to contribute their thoughts about women today. As the bright red cover suggests, we hope for a lively, passionate journal.

Adanna: A Journal for Women, about Women will be an annual perfect bound print book publication, first issue Summer 2011.

Editor: Christine Redman-Waldeyer
Guest Editor: Diane Lockward

I am delighted and honored to be serving as Guest Editor for this new journal. Check out the guidelines here and consider submitting some of your work.


The reading period for this first issue begins on January 31 and closes April 30. Please send your submissions to
  • Adanna accepts poetry, short stories, essays, and reviews of books and visual arts.
  • We welcome both National and International submissions in English. 
  • Please submit only unpublished pieces, 3-6 at a time.
  • Submissions should be one file in one attachment. 
  • Include your name in the header of each page along with current contact information including e-mail and phone number. 
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted. 
  • Please notify us as soon as possible of any accepted work. 
  • For works accepted, the author will receive a free complimentary copy.
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  1. Diane, does "unpublished" extends to poems that have appeared on blogs?

  2. If the poem has appeared and remained on a blog, then we consider that published. If it appeared very very briefly for feedback and then went poof and underwent revision, then it's okay. We would not want it to show up in a google search.

  3. Thanks for this, Diane. I've posted to Facebook - hope you get some great submissions!


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