Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spilling the Beans

Two interviews have recently been posted in which I blab on endlessly. Well, not really. The first appears in The Patch, a fairly new online newspaper that is spreading across the country. Go to the base site and see if your state has one. Click on the State and then see if your town has one. They're great for up-to-the-minute local news—like is school open today. Also great for restaurant listings and local events. My Patch has an arts feature and that's where I come in.

Feature columnist Joanne Van Zuidam interviewed me recently for her column on local artists. She asked me about my background, my sources of inspiration, how I go about putting a book together, my current resolutions and future plans, how I stay motivated, and what a typical day of working at poetry consists of. Read all about it HERE.

The second interview appears in The Habitual Poet series at Poemeleon, a very nice online poetry journal hosted by Catie Porter. With each issue, Porter posts an interview template. Then she invites anyone who has work in the current issue to respond to the questions. I did that back in September. The interview was just posted.

In this slightly zany interview, I discuss my book buying and reading practices (you will learn whether or not I read in bed), how I practice my craft, how I go about revising and publishing, how swamped I am with fan mail, which vowel I'd most want to be, and my piece of advice. Read all about it HERE.

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