Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Sweet Love for Blogalicious

 How nice to discover that my blog has been nominated by Kristin Berkey-Abbott for the Memetastic Award, created by Jillsmo at the Yeah, Good Times blog, a Mommy blog. Apparently, Jillsmo prefers to conceal her identity so I can't give you her name.

According to the rules, I must do the following:
  • link back to the blogger who awarded you (DONE)
  • display the graphic from award creator (DONE)
  • post 5 facts, four of which must be lies (See Below)
  • pass the award on to 5 other bloggers who must follow these rules (See Below)
  • link the post back, so Jillsmo can follow its trajectory (DONE)
My five nominees are:
  • Ken Ronkowitz Lots of poetry news, poems, links to cool stuff. Companion to his Poets Online site
  • Gabriel Scala Recent addition to my blogroll. Substantial commentary on poetry, plus interviews, poetry prompts
  • Erika Dreifus I couldn't begin to list all the wonderful material offered at this blog—contests, paying markets, new books, conferences, etc., etc.
  • Adele Kenny A fairly new blog but already a formidable presence with lots of great prompts, practical poetry information, and lovely photos
  • Marion Schembari Here's the one that probably won't seem like it's a good fit here, but this tech site offers terrific information about blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other things technological. Marion is also very funny. I always learn something and have a good laugh.
My five facts—and please indicate in a Comment which you believe is the one true fact—are:
  1. I lived in five Southern states before I was two.
  2. Of my three children, two are adopted.
  3. I have had four surgeries which required prolonged hospitalization.
  4. I think that chocolate-covered caramels are disgusting.
  5. Until I was 16, I lived on a farm and was in charge of the chickens and goats.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for nominating AngelSpeak, Diane! My own nominations will be forthcoming...

    Now, as for that truth. Here's my guess: you really do think that chocolate covered caramels are disgusting (although, I can't imagine why!). ;-)

  2. Congratulations Diane!

    And thanks for sharing the blog links. I especially like Marion's site. It's full great, practical advice, with a side of sass.

  3. Congrats on your award - but the fun's not over

    I gave you an award too - to find out which and collect it pop by my blog today - - Oh, and while you're there link up and link back (blog hop) to your blog so people can visit you here and discover your latest creations.

    Shah .X


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