Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good News

I'm happy to report that Garrison Keillor is featuring my poem, The First Artichoke, today, Tuesday, October 20, at The Writer's Almanac. The poem is from my book, What Feeds Us.

The timing of this feature doubles the pleasure. Right now I'm at the campus of Cayuga Community College for a three-day visit. The invitation for this visit came about as a result of Mr. Keillor reading my poem, "Linguini," back in February. So this feels like one of those nice circles with everything in its proper, comfortable spot.

If you like stuffed artichokes, check out my poem. Or even if you don't like them. Here's a photo of the blooms mentioned in the poem. Did you know that artichokes flower if they're not picked?

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  1. It's a beautiful and poignant poem, Diane. Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations on today's feature and also the impending publication of your third poetry collection!

  3. Being a garden writer, I am inclined toward vegetable poetry. So glad to discover you and your writing on Keillor's almanac.


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