Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Sweet It Is

Several months ago I wrote a post entitled Online Journals I Admire. One of the journals I included was Sweet: A Literary Confection. Recently, I decided to try the journal with a submission. I'm happy to say that they took one of my poems for the current issue.

My poem, Learning to Live Alone, is one of eleven poems in the issue. One of the things I like about this journal is that they limit the number of poems and poets in each issue. I find that I'm more likely to read when the journal is on the small side. I feel sort of overwhelmed when an online journal includes dozens and dozens of poets and poems. This issue also includes four pieces of creative non-fiction.

Sweet publishes only poetry and non-fiction. I like that limited focus. The journal comes out three times a year, and each issue can be devoured in one or two visits. Another thing I like about the journal is the humor of the editors. They make me laugh. Check out their Masthead to see what I mean. And how could you not love a journal whose home page ends with this piece of good advice: Please remember to eat chocolate every day.

My poem was initially entitled "Still-Life," a total loser of a title and I knew it. That was a perfectly appropriate title with a juicy dual meaning. But how many poems have had that title? I'll bet dozens. So I just sat on the poem for weeks until I came up with something better. The new title, "Learning to Live Alone," adds, I think, something new to the poem. I love titles.

Here's a picture of something else I love. The editors ask each contributor to reveal his or her favorite dessert and that information is included in the bio note. Thus mine ends: Her favorite dessert is Bocconi Dolci.

We're talking three layers of meringue, each lightly covered with melted chocolate, each slathered with homemade whipped cream and sliced strawberries. The name means "sweet little mouthful" and is it ever.

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  1. I wondered what Bocconi Dolci was! Thanks for posting the picture. Now I'm drooling. And thanks for the comments on Sweet!

  2. You have to choose just one dessert as your favorite? I was thinking of submitting until I came across that piece of information. I feel overwhelmed at the thought of deciding on my favorite dessert :)

  3. sweet :-)

    I read your poem "Learning to Live Alone" and feel both peaceful and a little sad. As a non-native reader, I am not sure if I understand it the way you meant,though..

  4. The sad part about making this dessert is that there are never any leftovers.

    XJ--I think your response is right on. That's how the poem makes me feel too--grief for what's been lost and gratitude for what's still here.


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