Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two Nice Tidbits

Avocado, by Peggy McGivern

I've had two nice surprises this week. Today my poem, Organic Fruit, is featured at Your Daily Poem, an online site started several months ago by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, a writer who lives in South Carolina. Similar in concept to Poetry Daily and Verse Daily, its intention is to enhance appreciation of poetry. Each feature includes one poem, an author photo, and purchase links. This site differs from the other two as poems are both old and new. Looking through the Archives, I found poems by Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, and Walt Whitman. Contemporary poets include Dorianne Laux, Ellen Bass, and Louis Jenkins. Good company. I applaud Ferrer's effort to promote poems, poets, and poetry. If you go to the website, you'll see a window where you can sign on to receive the daily poems via email.

An Undivided Heart, by Gillian Ross

Yesterday my poem, Heart on the Unemployment Line, was featured at Alphabet Soup, a blog kept by children's author, Jama Rattigan. This blog reflects Rattigan's two loves—food and poetry. There are mouth-watering images of food as well as recipes. Then each Friday is a feast of words when a poem is featured. Two weeks ago my poem Eve's Confession was also featured at this site. Featured poems receive a substantial amount of commentary from Rattigan's readers.

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