Monday, October 13, 2008

Ars Poetica Poem Feature

My poem "My Husband Discovers Poetry" is featured today at Dan Waber's Ars Poetica site. The poem is part of an ongoing project on poems that express some philosophy about poetry. Here's Dan's description of the project:

"This is a themed blog (poems about poetry) that will lead to a print anthology. Dan Waber invited five of his favorite poets to send him an ars poetica they'd written along with the names and email addresses of five other poets. He then invited those twenty-five poets to do the same. He then invited those hundred and twenty-five poets to do the same. He then get the picture."

I was invited to submit I think about two years ago. I had a quick acceptance, but when so much time passed, I concluded that I'd been cast aside. So Dan's note this morning came as a lovely surprise.

The culmination of Dan's plan will be an anthology published by Paper Kite Press, a small press in Kingston, Pennsylvania. The press is run by Dan and his partner, Jennifer-Hill Kaucher. They also run an art gallery and a reading series.

(Image borrowed from Live Journal.)

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  1. Great poem (of course), neat site. I hadn't seen it before but now will visit often.

  2. Congratulations. That poem was cynical, piercing...awesome!

  3. Thanks, Everyone, I appreciate your nice words!

  4. Congrats on the pub Diane, great read!


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