Monday, July 5, 2010

The Poetry Salon

I've recently been lucky enough to have a friend who hosted a poetry salon for me at her home. The purpose of the salon was to celebrate the publication of my new book. It was a special day and a wonderful way to spend time with friends talking about the book, reading some of the poems, socializing, snacking, and signing.

After the party, I set my brain to figuring out a way that I could celebrate the books of poets I know who live too far away to invite to a salon at my home but whose work I admire. So I have invented the online version of the poetry salon. A poet with a fairly new book will be hosted, he or she will talk to us about the book, we will hear the poet read a poem, food will be plentiful, and there will be good conversation.

My debut salon will be for Susan Rich and her new book, The Alchemist's Kitchen. Look for it tomorrow. You're all invited!

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  1. How wonderful. I'm reading and delighting in Susan's book now. I'll look forward to the debut salon.

  2. olá, Sou Talles Azigon, um pequeno poeta Brasileiro e visitando blogs de poesia do mundo achei o seu, lindo e maravilhosa a idéia de salão de poesia, idéia essa que pretendo copiar, grandes abraços

  3. ...she said-- hi-- I'm Ms. Talles Azigon, a little Brazilian poet visiting poetry blogs around the world here and there and the idea of a poetry salon is beautiful and marvelous-- an idea I plan to replicate-- big hugs...xxxj


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