Saturday, July 3, 2010

Book Trailer Contest

Since I've recently made a poetry book trailer and posted several times about the process, I was immediately interested in this contest sponsored by the journal Quiddity. Maybe you too?

Book Trailer Contest for Writers and Small Presses:

Two prizes of $350 as well as broadcast, Web, and print promotion by Quiddity will be awarded—one prize each in the categories Manuscripts and Books. (Runners-up and/or honorable mentions may also be selected.) This contest closes October 20, 2010 (postmark deadline).

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Now take a look at the sample video. I'm a bit intimidated by it! The effects achieved here are quite spectacular and way beyond my capabilities, but I hope this is just to inspire us. I'm planning to make a trailer for my new book and hope to enter the contest. But I'll be keeping my trailer closer to the two minutes recommended elsewhere. I suspect it's true that most viewers won't hang in for more than two minutes.

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  1. Interesting concept, but true... there's trailers for movies and documentaries, teasers for television programs and entertainment news. Why not use the same visual enticement for novels? While I watched this I wondered if and how it might could be used for a collection of poetry that has common narrative thread or theme. :)

  2. Laura--
    I think that novelists do routinely make trailers. I also was intrigued by your second thought--how could the trailer be used for a collection of poetry? I've done several past posts on that subject. Check out my first trailer in the right sidebar here.


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