Monday, June 28, 2010

Poetry Salon: A Celebration

Yesterday my good friend, Jessica deKoninck, held a poetry salon to celebrate the publication of my new book, Temptation by Water. I think that the at-home salon is my favorite kind of reading. I feel very fortunate to have a pal who offered to host such an event for me. I also feel fortunate to have good friends/poets who came to celebrate with me and to pick up a copy of the book. I am a big proponent of poets supporting each others' work. Yesterday was a great example of poets doing just that.

We gathered in Jessica's living room at 4:00. The table was filled with snacks. Champagne and wine were served. I signed books. Lots of good conversation. Then I read and babbled on for about 20 minutes. That was followed by a Q&A, always fun. Then more conversation and more signing. A happy day.

I hope that if you have a friend with a book coming out you will consider hosting a salon. In days of old these were commonly held for various artistic events. I hope they're making a comeback.

My favorite picture

During the reading

Lauren and Ray--what's that in Lauren's arms?

David and Elizabeth--what's that in Elizabeth's lap?

Susan and Ellen--what's that in their laps?

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  1. How wonderful, Diane! I wish I'd been there. I LOVE poetry salons! The last one I held was about three years ago. I think it's time for another one.

  2. "Wonderful" is just the right word. I'm going to invent an online version of the poetry salon. Coming soon.

  3. I love this idea, too. I held a 'salon — we called it a publication party — for a friend, and it was a great way to celebrate and support the writer, like hosting a baby shower (without the cheesy party games).

  4. An online version of a poetry salon: what a wonderful idea!


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