Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashions, Features, and Farmers

Here you see the latest addition to my wardrobe. I recently purchased business cards from To create those, I uploaded my book cover. If you've used vistaprint, you know that once you place an order for one item, you start receiving offers for other items. I try hard to resist, but I was helpless when it came to the free t-shirt offer. I felt like I had to have it. I'm glad I capitulated. I am now a human billboard. The shirt came within days, the brand is Anvil, and the quality is nice. I like the way the cover is imprinted on the cloth. It's very light, not that heavy rubbery stuff you sometimes get on customized t-shirts. My only issue is that I ordered a man's size medium and it's a bit too big for me. No shrinkage as it's pre-shrunk. But guess what. All is not lost. This morning I received another offer for a free t-shirt, so I am going to reorder but this time in small.

In related news, my article, "How to Get Your Poetry into Their Hands," which appeared in the 2010 Poet's Market, is reprinted in the 2011 edition, again edited by Robert Lee Brewer. My article title should have the word "Book" inserted after the word "Poetry." I don't know why it was omitted and I wish that it hadn't been as the piece is not about getting your poems into the hands of readers; it is about getting your book into the hands of readers. The article contains a number of suggestions, some based on my own experiences and some gleaned from the several poets and publishers I interviewed for the article. If I'd had an opportunity to revise, I would have added more about social networks. And I would have suggested getting a t-shirt! But I'm delighted that the article is getting some more mileage and I am grateful for the editor's faith in the article.

I am also very grateful to children's author and fellow blogger Jama Rattigan who has beautifully featured my poem, Blueberry," at her lovely blog, Alphabet Soup. Jama loves words, books, food, and poems. Each Friday's post is devoted to a poem. Please check out this feature, not just for the poem but also for the beauty of the photos that Jama has selected to enhance the feature. I've been told that people in many places have already headed for the nearest farmstand.

Speaking of farms, I learned the other day that a blueberry farmer from Minnesota posted the same poem on the farm's Facebook page. If you're in Minnesota, be sure to stop by the Gierke Blueberry Farm. And if you've ever been there, please let me know.

BTW: The very first issue of my new monthly Poetry newsletter will go out tomorrow. So if you haven't yet signed up and still want to, now is the time. Hop on over to the sidebar and use the easy sign-up form. Be sure to confirm when you get the email notification. If you fail to confirm, you will be "suppressed" and there will be no newsletter for you! Sign up and then confirm. Easy.

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  1. I use VistaPrint. Haven't ordered any t-shirts yet.

    Looking forward to your first newsletter issue.


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