Sunday, April 26, 2009

Signs of Spring

Summer walking is officially underway. Every day I can get out there, I will. It's in the 90's so I'm feeling pretty noble. Yesterday I took my camera with me so I could catch the signs of spring before they capitulate to encroaching summer.

Pretty white trees whose name eludes me

Tulips and green grass

Beautiful pink-blossomed tree whose name eludes me

Myrtle so sweet and temporary

Lovely border of forsythia—here today, gone tomorrow

Dandelions, of course, here today, here tomorrow

Daffodils trumpeting loudly and briefly

Some thoughts from my walk:

Worst invention of the century: Electric pencil sharpener
Word of the day: Niblets
Heroes of America: Third grade teachers
Best letter in new Poetry: Ira Sadoff's

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  1. I think that pink flowering tree you've got there is a weeping cherry. They're beautiful ornamentals.

  2. Maybe this is a good week to shop around my 3rd grade workshop on Dandelions.

    And the forsythia are long-since green on this side of town. But they never let us down for Easter Sunday photo opportunities, do they?


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