Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crafty Poet Update and Good Cheer

An Aspiring Poet
I am so pleased with the response that The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop has thus far received. One good thing about having 101 different poets in the book is that I have a lot of ambassadors spreading the word. The book has recently had a nice handful of new reviews.

Poet Lynn Domina has created a wonderful blog where she does reviews of poetry books. This past week she included a review of The Crafty Poet which she describes as "both craft book and anthology, but its unique characteristic is the direct relationship between the included poems and the exercises." The entire review delighted me, but these closing words made my day: "Reading through this book, I find myself torn by competing desires: to linger over many of the poems, and to rush to my desk to try the prompts. A book that inspires me to do more than is possible—what a good book that is. I’m glad The Crafty Poet found its way to my hands, and I’m looking forward to leafing through my notebook in a year or so, counting up the poems that owe their conception to this book."

I was recently interviewed by Carol Berg about The Crafty Poet. That interview now appears in the current issue of Ithaca Lit. I enjoyed sitting back and reflecting on the process of doing this book—the challenges, the poets who contributed, the differences between doing this kind of book and a collection of poems. Carol asked just seven questions, so there’s not a lot of fluff and stuffing to get through.

Ruth Foley wrote a nice review at Five Things. She recommends The Crafty Poet and The Daily Poet as companion books. I’ve made that recommendation myself, so was happy to see that Ruth agrees that these two books belong in every poet’s bookbag.

Grace Cavalieri, who is surely one of the most generous poets/reviewers in America, also wrote a lovely review of The Crafty Poet in the Washington Independent Review of Books. Grace reads a book of poetry a day! Then she reviews many of them.

I'm also happy to report that eight different colleges and universities are already using The Crafty Poet as a textbook.

Lest we forget that I am a poet, I’ve recently had a few poems published in online journals.

Sinkholes appears in the current issue of Valparaiso Poetry Review. Many of you will recognize the story in the poem. It was one that haunted me, the idea that the earth could just open up and swallow somebody’s son.

Then I also have two poems in Mezzo Cammin: An Online Journal of Formalist Poetry by Women. The first, "My Arty Ars Poetica: A Cento," is made up of lines taken from the bio notes in a journal that asks contributors to send in something about their writing process or how they wrote their poem. The other poem, "A Salmon Swims in My Bones," is a concrete poem, one of maybe three I’ve ever written.


  1. Lovely poems - congrats. I've been using your book, too and it's a great resource. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Molly. Glad the book is with you and keeping you busy.


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