Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Crafty Poet: Sample Poem Contributors

In a previous post about The Crafty Poet, I bragged about the list of poets who contributed Craft Tips, Q&As, and model poems for prompts. Now I want to brag about the poets who contributed the sample poems written to the prompts.

Towards the end of putting the manuscript together, I sent out a call for submissions to all of the subscribers to my Poetry Newsletter. I created a website page with links to all of the past model poems and prompts. I subsequently invited others to join in.

The book contains 27 model poems and prompts. Therefore, I needed 54 sample poems since I wanted two sample poems for each prompt. I wanted sample poems that would illustrate the various possibilities the prompts might suggest.

Before I sent out the call, I was a bit worried that I might not get enough submissions. After all, some of the prompts were from newsletter issues that went back more than two years. However, the spots filled amazingly and gratifyingly fast.

I was thrilled to have all the spots filled within a few weeks. And I was thrilled with the quality of the poems I received. Sadly, there were many poems I had to turn away simply because the spots were already filled.

So here's the list of the 45 fabulous contributors of sample poems:

Joel Allegretti
Linda Benninghoff

Broeck Blumberg
Rose Mary Boehm
Bob Bradshaw

Kelly Cressio-Moeller
Rachel Dacus
Ann DeVenezia
Liz Dolan
Kristina England

Laura Freedgood
Gail Gerwin
Erica Goss
Jeanie Greensfelder
Constance Hanstedt
Penny Harter
John Hutchinson
Wendy Elizabeth Ingersoll                                             
Tina Kelley

Claire Keyes

Laurie Kolp
Antoinette Libro

Charlotte Mandel
   Joan Mazza
   Janet McCann
   Nancy Bailey Miller
   Thomas Moudry
   Drew Myron
   Shawnte Orion
   Donna Pflueger

   Wanda Praisner
   Susanna Rich
   Ken Ronkowitz
   Basil Rouskas
   Nancy Scott
   Martha Silano

   Linda Simone

   Melissa Studdard
   Lisken Van Pelt Dus                                     
   Jeanne Wagner
   Ingrid Wendt

   Scott Wiggerman 
   Bill Wunder
   Michael T. Young
   Sandy Zulauf

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