Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Crafty Poet: The Contributors & a Contest

I am so very proud of the cast of poets who have contributed to my almost-here book, The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop. In fact, I think this is such an impressive list that my publisher and I decided to use their names on the book's back cover instead of blurbs. A total of fifty-six poets contributed the 27 Craft Tips, the 10 Poet on the Poem Q&As, and the 27 model poems that go with the prompts.

Among these 56 poets are 13 former and current state Poets Laureate. Now here's the contest: the first person to match up the 13 Poets Laureate with their respective states will win a free copy of the book. I'm going to switch comments to moderation, so post your answers in the Comments section. Once there's a winner, I'll post the correct answers and announce the winner.

An additional 45 poets contributed the sample poems written in response to the prompts. This is also an impressive list—and not surprisingly, the poems they contributed are also impressive. I'll post those names another time.


  1. I'm happy to see Jeffrey McDaniel's name in that list.

  2. Here are your 13:

    JoAnn Balingit – Poet Laueate of Delaware
    Sydney Lea – PL of Vermont
    Baron Wormser – PL of Maine
    Wesley McNair – PL of Maine
    Julie Kane – PL of Louisiana
    Stanley Plumly – PL of Maryland
    Linda Pastan – PL of Maryland
    Denise Low – PL of Kansas
    Kelly Cherry – PL of Virginia
    Bruce Dethlefsen – PL of Wisconsin
    Kathryn Stripling Byer – PL of North Carolina
    Patricia Fargnoli – PL of New Hampshire
    Marilyn Taylor – PL of Wisconsin

    1. Congratulations to Gary who has won the Name the State Poets Laureate contest and will now receive a complimentary copy of The Crafty Poet.

      Thanks to all who entered. Gary was the only one who had it all right.


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