Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Journals G-P

Here's the second installment of the list of print journals that read during the summer months. If you find any errors or have others to add to the list, please let me know. Good luck with your submissions.

 This mailbox is ready to receive lots of good mail.

**Indicates that simultaneous submission is ok
Unless otherwise indicated, the journal accepts online submissions

**Gargoyle—1x—month of June

June 15-Sept 15

**The Grove Review—1x
snail mail

Hanging Loose—3x
snail mail

**Hawk & Handsaw—1x—Aug 1-Oct 1
email subs

**Hayden’s Ferry—2x

**Hiram Poetry Review—1x
snail mail

Hudson Review—3x—April 1-June 30 (all year if a subscriber)
snail mail

**Hunger Mountain—1x

**Inkwell—2x—Aug 1-Nov 15

**Lake Effect—1x
snail mail

Louisiana Literature—2x
snail mail

**Lumina—1x—Aug 1 – Nov 15


**Madison Review—2x

Manhattan Review—2x
(prefers no sim but will take)
snail mail

metrical only

**Michigan Quarterly Review—4x

**Mid-American Review—2x

**The Midwest Quarterly—4x

**Minnesota Review—2x—August 1–November 1

Missouri Review—4x

**The Mom Egg—1x—June 1-Sept 1

**Nimrod—2x—Jan 1-Nov 30
snail mail

**Parnassus: Poetry in Review—2x
snail mail

Pinyon—2x—August 1-Dec. 1
via email

**Pleiades—2x—Aug 15-May 15

**Ploughshares—3x—June 1 to January 15

**Poet Lore—2x
snail mail

**Poetry Miscellany—1x—tabloid
snail mail or e-mail


Summer Journals A-F

Summer Journals Q-Z


  1. Thanks so much for doing these lists every spring, Diane - it's very motivating to pour over and try to figure out where to send work!

  2. I love that you post this every year -- a great reminder of what is out there! Thanks again!

  3. I hope these lists keep you busy throughout the summer. Poems out, acceptances back.

  4. Grist's site is freshly updated with new submission info (they charge a fee now, which is waived for subscribers). Info here:

  5. Thanks for this! It's just so kind of you. Looks like North American Review isn't accepting poetry or fiction till Sept.

  6. Thanks for this listing, Diane. I'd add that Prime Number magazine accepts work year-round, online submissions only. Thanks!


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