Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer Journals A-F

It's that time of year again. During the summer many of us have more time to write and submit, but quite a few journals close their doors to submissions for the summer months. Do not despair. There are still many journals that do read during the summer and some that read only during the summer. This is the first of a 3-part list of those journals, all print. As in the past, several had to be removed this year as they have closed their doors permanently. But a few have been added.

I gave the lists a thorough updating last year and added links for your convenience. If you find an error, please let me know.
This mailbox only accepts Acceptances!

**Indicates that simultaneous submission is ok
Unless otherwise indicated, the journal accepts online submissions.

**American Poetry Journal—2x
    (summer only for subscribers)

**American Poetry Review—6x-tabloid

**Another Chicago Magazine—2x—Feb-Aug 31

**Asheville Poetry Review—3x—Jan. 15-July 15
snail mail

**Atlanta Review—2x—deadlines June 1 & Dec 1
reads all year, but slower in summer
snail mail

**Baltimore Review—2x—August 1-Nov 30

**Barn Owl Review—1x—June 1-Nov 1
email sub

**Bat City Review—1x—June 1-Nov 15

Beloit Poetry Journal—3x

**Birmingham Poetry Review—2x—deadlines Dec 1 & June 1
reads all year
snail mail

**Black Warrior Review—2x

Bloodroot Literary Magazine—1x—April 1-Sept 1
snail mail

**Briar Cliff Review—1x—Aug 1-Nov 1
snail mail

**Burnside Review—2x
email sub ok
$3 reading fee /pays $50

email sub

**Chariton Review—2x
snail mail

**Cimarron Review—4x
snail mail

**Columbia Journal—2x

**Columbia Poetry Review—1x—Aug 1-Nov 30
snail mail

snail mail

**Crab Orchard Review—2x—Aug 27-Nov. 2 (special issue)
snail mail

**Cream City Review—2x

**Cutthroat—1x (plus 2 online issues)
July 15-Oct. 1

5 AM—2x—tabloid
snail mail

August 1 thru May 31

**The Florida Review—2x—Aug 1-May 31 (subscribers all year)

Summer Journals G-P

Summer Journals Q-Z


  1. Thank you so much for this list. It does feel as if everything closes by the end of May, so it's good to know who's still accepting submissions. I will use this link and share it next week at my blog.

  2. Love this. Thanks for doing this. I know how much work it takes to compile lists like this, too, so double the appreciation. Yay!

    Also, Briar Cliff Review link needs update. It goes to dead page :( Here's the new page:


  3. Thanks so much for letting me know. I just replaced the old with the new link.

  4. Hi, Diane,

    Colorado Review accepts nonfiction submissions during the summer.

    Stephanie G'Schwind

    1. You've made me realize that I should have but didn't specify that the lists were compiled with only poets in mind.

  5. Thanks so much for this information. So very helpful!


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