Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adanna's Launch Reading

The launch reading for Adanna was held this past Sunday, June 26, at The Fieldhouse Pub in Fairfield, NJ. Although the contributors for the first issue cover the globe, we were able to get 11 of them to participate in the reading and celebration. Pam Bernard came all the way from New Hampshire while Maryanne Hannon and Laura Whalen came from NY State. Editor Christine Redman-Waldeyer and I, the Guest Editor, sent out tons of invitations. Then we hoped hard that we'd get a good turnout.

And we did! The turnout was wonderful. People just kept coming. Christine brought fruit and crackers and cheese. The journals were given to the poets and sold to audience members. The support was fantastic as was the whole event.

Each poet read his or her poem from the journal and then one other of choice. Christine closed the reading with a few poems by contributors who could not join us and with an excerpt from an amazing short story by Colleen Harris. Throughout the reading there were lovely sighs of approval and pleasure as well as thunderous applause. Then we spent some time socializing and finished the day with 14 of us going upstairs for dinner together. A perfect way to end a great day.

Serving as Guest Editor for this first issue was a complete pleasure. I learned a lot from the experience and am hugely proud of the work we selected for the issue. I hope that Adanna has much success in the future. I salute Christine for having the courage and determination to create a new print journal and for focusing on women while still extending a warm welcome to male contributors.

Be sure to check the Adanna website for information about the love poem contest. And while you're there, be sure to order the journal if you haven't already.

Christine Redman-Waldeyer

Our bountiful table
The audience assembles

The poets: Jessica de Koninck, Adele Kenny, Madeline Tiger, Pam Bernard, me, Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Jim O'Rourke, Laura Whalen, Maryanne Hannan. Missing but present for the reading: Maria Mazziotti Gillan and Michelle Lerner

What a lovely surprise!
Christine and I share a nice hug after she presented me with these gorgeous flowers


  1. Yay! Thanks for this account + pix!

  2. I am assuming you do not get rejection notices? Since I had been wondering who the winners were and did not hear about my submissions. I am new to this game...

    Congrats to the poets who made it...

  3. E--I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking if we sent rejection notices? Yes, we were scrupulous about that. But you say "winners" so I'm not sure if you're talking about the current contest which just opened for submissions today. Please send me a private email so I can figure this out.

  4. So wonderful that Maryanne and Laura were published! Next time I see them around Albany, NY, I'll congratulate them.

  5. We were happy to have their work in the journal and extra happy that they were able to join us for the reading. The audience loved their work!


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