Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Cool Stuff

I've been gathering some links that many of you will most likely find useful. First, I have added several blogs to my blogroll:

° Susan Rich at The Alchemist's Kitchen offers all kinds of useful commentary about poetry, poets, poems, and books. She provides some contest information and lots of useful tips on such topics as applying for a writing residency. The blog is named after her forthcoming poetry book which I, for one, am looking forward to.

° Erika Dreifus at Practicing Writing provides all kinds of practical information for the practicing writer: information about paying writing opportunities, conferences, and books, plus great links. At the site you can sign up for Erika's monthly newsletter which offers more information. If you're a teacher, then you know that every once in a while you have a student who you know you will one day be bragging about having had in class. I'm bragging: Erika was once my student in AP English Literature and Composition. She was lovely and brilliant then. She still is.

° Betsy Lerner at The Forest for the Trees offers a wealth of information on publishing, all the more credible as it comes from an experienced writer who has also worked in publishing. Lots of insider stuff. Betsy also takes questions, so if you have something you've been dying to ask someone in the know, this could be the place.

° Sheila Bender at Writing It Real offers a by-subscription magazine for writers (there's a fee for this) and a weekly newsletter (no fee). Both are loaded with writing information as is the blog itself. A nice feature of Sheila's blog is that you can sign on to do a guest blog post. Great blog for both poets and prose writers.

Here are some sites that focus on prose, but poets will also find them useful:

° Midge Raymond at Remembering English offers this blog as part of her website. At the website you can get information about her prize-winning collection of short stories, Forgetting English. This blog offers all kinds of wonderful writing tips, again coming from someone who is both a writer and an industry insider. One unique feature of this blog is the regular writing exercises offered. Visitors can also sign up for Midge's monthly email newsletter which contains even more riches.

° Lisa Romeo at Lisa Romeo Writes offers lots of tips, exercises, and personal accounts of her own experiences as a memoirist. All kinds of gifts for writers. Her recent interview with Vicki Forman, author of the memoir, This Lovely Life, is itself worth a visit to the blog. Vicki talks at length about her experiences promoting her book. You'll learn a lot.

° Poet Hound offers a good list of suggestions in her post Requesting a Review. This piece does what its title suggests, i.e., it offers tips on how to go about getting a review for your book. I'd like to add this site to my blogroll, but the blogger does not provide her name.

° Broadsided is the brainchild of poet Elizabeth Bradfield. At this site you will find a lovely fusion between poetry and art. Poems are paired with original art done by artists specifically to pair up with the poems. Calls for submissions are posted at the site. Also, interested people are invited to become vectors, that is, people who will print out each new broadside and post it where people can find it. What a great way to plaster the world with poetry and art.

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  1. I found you by just surfing for poets and writers. I am glad I found you. I have been to the Alchemist Kitchen site before. 58 Inches blogspot told me you are a good read, and since we both are in NJ I am hoping to come to one of the mentioned events.

    I run open mics for poets, writers, and acoustic musicians in my area, and with my son off to college, getting serious about submitting my work.

    Thanks for being here for newbies like me...

  2. I hope our paths will cross at a reading. In the meantime, glad we've met here.

  3. Diane, Thank you so much for mentioning The Alchemist's Kitchen! My blog is just two months old. One of my goals when I started was to provide useful information to other writers and to foster community. I think of your blog as one of the models I looked to. Thank you, again!


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