Friday, January 23, 2009

Women Poets Reader Directory


The Women Poets Reader Directory is now open for business. The Directory, created by Ann White, includes listings by members of the Wompo Listserv. It is divided into three global areas and six regional areas of the U.S. as well as “Anywhere in the U.S.”

Each entry gives useful information about the poet's availability, how far she is willing to travel, her terms, and preferred audience. Most entries also include links to websites and sample poems, a poet photo, and a book cover image.

This should be a useful resource to anyone who is looking for a poet to book in a reading series, a book fair, or a festival. If you are an educator looking for a poet to visit your campus, you'll find her here. If you'd like a poet to visit your classroom and talk to your students about poetry, you'll find her here. If you need a poet to lead a workshop, you'll find her here.

Please visit soon. And spread the word.

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