Friday, December 19, 2008

Online Journals I Admire

The following is a list of online journals culled from the multitude that are now available. I've visited dozens of these journals over the past few days. The ones I've listed here all have many of the features I admire and look for. They might not be your favorites, but they'll give you a good idea of what's out there.

Blood Orange Review
Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, book reviews, gorgeous art; a bit difficult to navigate--have to keep going back in order to go forward.

Coal Hill Review
Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Cortland Review
Each poem accompanied by audio.

Del Sol Review
Strong work. Generous Contributors' Notes.

Could be easier to navigate, red font is annoyingly hard to read, use of brackets is unattractive, but good poetry.

Could use a darker font but excellent content.

Innisfree Poetry Journal
Strong poetry, one well-known poet featured with generous sample of poems. List of links to poets down right side of each page is handy but a bit too close to the poems on the page.

In Posse Review
Lots of good poetry here.

Very nice. Poetry, prose, interview.

The Pedestal Magazine
Poetry, fiction, reviews, audio; excellent material.

Perihelion Review
Poetry and reviews. Recently revived. Looks promising.

Redheaded Stepchild
In order to get in here your poem has to have been rejected somewhere else first. I hope the editor will reconsider the lime green font in menus and table of contents.

Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, reviews.

Salt River Review
Plain, gets the job done in spite of a somewhat confusing navigational system.

Poetry, critical articles, pedagogical articles, reviews, art, translation. Very readable.

Sweet: A Literary Confection
New journal, some lovely graphics but some design issues, ie, pages that are hard to read because of font colors not working with background colors, cramped text boxes. Poetry and creative non-fiction.

Tattoo Highway
All poetry, organized by region of the country. Lovely art.

Valparaiso Poetry Review
This one's been a favorite for a long time; everything is here.

Waccamaw Journal
Excellent. Fiction, poetry, non-fiction.

Formal Poetry Journals:

The Barefoot Muse: A Journal of Formal and Metrical Verse
Poetry, essays, reviews, audio with many of the poems.

14 by 14
14 sonnets by 14 different poets. Poems beautifully displayed with artwork. Font color in bio notes a bit hard to read.

Mezzo Cammin: A Journal of Formal Poetry by Women
Poetry, reviews and critical articles, beautiful art by one featured artist.

ShatterColors Literary Review
Lots of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, numerous interviews. Wish the navigation didn't require me to keep going back to the Table of Contents.

Unsplendid: An Online Journal of Poetry in Received and Nonce Forms
Could use a darker font, but I like the audio element even though it took me some time to figure out that the butterflies meant audio.

Innovative Journals:

A single poet is featured along with a poetic statement. Apparently full issues also appear but not when I visited. Strong work.

A single poem featured each week with audio by someone other than the poet. Available online or by email.

Described as "an experiment in online literary and artistic collaboration." Demonstrates that it is possible to have a blog format and excellence at the same time. Each issue is themed and has different editors. Poems, artwork, audio. You have to scroll down, but it's worth the effort. Visitors may leave comments. Puts out a call for submissions for each issue.

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  1. Interesting list. I'm glad you divided it up this way.

  2. Thanks for putting this list together -- very helpful.

  3. Thanks for the inclusion and generous assessment of qarrtsiluni. I'll check out the other links with an eye to expanding our own annotated links page (which we try to keep relatively short so as not to impact usability - but darn, there are so many interesting online publications!).

  4. Thanks for the set of suggestions, Diane. And I love the blue bird.

  5. Thanks for the kind words about qarrtsiluni, Diane! (And hello there; I didn't realize you were blogging. Clearly I've been away from WOM-PO for too long...)

  6. I would also highly recommend Sam Rasnake's "Blue Fifth Review." Some great poetry published there.

  7. Just checked out Blue Fifth. The poetry may be fine, but I dislike the ads which I find distracting and ugly. I had to go through hoops to find your very good poem. It shouldn't be so difficult.

  8. Thanks very much for these, Diana. More targets!

  9. Sorry I missed this before. Thanks for the notice of Anti-. You can find our existing issues in the Archive, with #4 coming in June.


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