Monday, March 14, 2016

Girl Talk: Some Photos

Last Saturday was the 10th year in a row that I have run an event called Girl Talk: A Poetry Reading  in Celebration of Women's History Month. Each year I invite more than two dozen multi-talented women poets to each read one poem that's related to the lives of women. We fill the room with poets, poetry lovers, and friends. We fill the room with sisterhood and poetry. It's always a joyful afternoon.

Those poets with recent books are invited to put out copies for sale. The library provides volunteers to handle the sales and the money. I ask my readers to volunteer to bring home-baked cookies. (This year I had so many volunteers that I had to ask a few bakers not to bake.) Then following the reading we have a reception with poets and readers invited.

Here are some photos from the afternoon to give you an idea of our day.

Books for Sale

Audience arriving

Christine Waldeyer, Editor-in-Chief of Adanna

Dawn Gunther Bernstein, first-time reader

Deborah Gerrish, poet and contributor of roses

Denise LaNeve, runs the North Jersey Literary Series

Julie Maloney, founder of Women Reading Aloud

Priscilla Orr, editor of The Stillwater Review

Vasiliki Katarou, curates the Panoply Reading Series

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies

Beautiful roses contributed by Deb Gerrish—each poet gets to take one home


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