Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Southern Poetry Review

Let's kick off 2013 by getting back to poetry! So long, Santa. So long, Malls. So long, Online Stores (but bless you for making life easier).

You may recall that several months ago I posted a list of print journals that include poetry only or poetry and reviews of poetry books. One of those that I was interested in was Southern Poetry Review, the second oldest poetry journal in its region. I submitted some poems and was delighted to have one accepted.

That poem, "Morning Walk," now appears in the latest issue of the journal. Due to Hurricane Sandy, this issue took longer than it should have to reach me as lots of New Jersey mail was destroyed, including, apparently, my contributor's copies. After seeing references to the new issue and receiving a few notes from people who'd seen my poem, I realized that my copy was missing and I contacted the editor. He very kindly sent me two additional copies.

I am now not only a contributor but also a subscriber. I look forward to more of this outstanding journal. I like it because of its limitation to poetry. I also like it because the journal is just the right size. At 6 x 9, it's comfortable to hold. I like the artwork on the cover, a photo by Andrew Ilachinski. I like it because it's limited to a reasonable number of poets. This issue has 28 poets and takes up 58 pages. I'm guessing that other issues have more poets, but this issue has a handful of longish poems. Then a few pages of Contributors' Notes, each note giving the poet's location, most recent book title, and a few publication credits.

Southern Poetry Review publishes two issues per year. A subscription is only $14. That's $7 per issue! Now that's a serious bargain. Submissions are read all year, snail mail only.

Here's a list of the poets in the current issue:

William Archila
Jacqueline Berger
Chana Bloch
Jody Bolz
Robert Brickhouse
Fleda Brown
Don Colburn
John DesMarais
Jane Elkins
Michelle Gillett

Jeff Hardin 
David Kirby
Richard Krohn
Ann Lauinger
Diane Lockward
Debra Marquart
Lynn McGee 
Janet McNally
Susan Laughter Myers

Jeff Miles 
Hayden Saunier
Susan Schmidt
Floyd Skloot
Alexandra Teague
Craig van Rooyen
Kathy Whitson
Mary-Sherman Willis
Steven Winn


  1. Hi Diane,

    I was happy to see you in the issue along with me--I recognized your name from your blog, which I found due to your awesome summer submission info (so useful). I loved your poem!


    1. Just grabbed my copy. There's only one Janet in there, so that must be you. What a beautiful poem! Check out my call for submissions for my forthcoming craft book:

    2. It's me! Janet McNally. Should have said that. :) Thanks for the kind words, and I will check out the call for submissions!

    3. This morning I picked up Mid-American Review and began reading. Read a poem called "O" and thought, Oh wow, how gorgeous is that! Looked up to the poet's name--and there you were! Both poems are wonderful.

  2. Thanks for this. I too have been looking for some more poetry-only journals. (I do like Poetry East.) And congratulations on your poem!

  3. Congratulations. Wishing you much continued success in 2013!

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Diane -- I just realized I'd let my subscription lapse. Renewed now, and looking forward to reading your poem in print. Congratulations!


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