Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Nice Tidbits

Do you need to spend more time reading blogs? Then you'll be happy to know that Online Colleges has assembled a list of the 50 Best Blogs to Follow For National Poetry Month. You might want to bookmark the link as these are poetry blogs you can read throughout the year. I'm happy to find Blogalicious listed there.

We have a winner in the Book Giveaway drawing. It's Tamam Kahn. A copy of Rip the Page! will start making its way to her in California tomorrow morning. Tamam is a poet and the author of a new collection, Untold: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad. The book is sitting on my table waiting for me to make my way to it. Just glancing through the book, I'm intrigued by the format—a combination of prose sections and poems. A combination of history and poetry.

What's better than poetry? Poetry and jazz! You can now get this combination on a weekly website radio show. Social Media Director Avi Ben-Zvi describes this site as "a music / culture website in New York called BreakThru Radio (BTR). Here at BTR we have a diverse range of shows: music, comedy, art, and book review. Brand new to BreakThru Radio, "Writer's Block" is a poetry and spoken arts show pulling from the finest and sharpest writers from New York City and beyond. It's this last part, the new show, that I want to make you aware of. The show is a great mix of poetry and music. Click for a sample of a full show of Writer's Block. Or click here if you'd just like to hear a sample poetry clip, this one from Jamie Martin.


  1. Diane, I was excited to see you at number 21 before I came over here :)

    Are you going to Poetry On The Porch in Historic Paulsdale? Have you read there? I am on my way down tonight!

  2. I don't think the numbers are for a ranking order. They seem to have arranged by a category system.

    Paulsdale is a bit too far for me, but have fun!


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