Friday, May 8, 2009

On Becoming Famous

A local magazine, Suburban Essex Magazine, which is distributed to 100,000 homes in my area, has published a lovely article about me and the poetry festival I'm running on Sunday, May 17. Okay, so I'm not quite famous, but still it's really nice to have such a generous piece about me circulating.

The article is about how I got into writing poetry and publishing my work. There's an excerpt from a poem, and there's information about the upcoming festival. As a result of the article, I've been receiving a bunch of emails. A few poets who wanted to know how to get into the festival—too late for this year. A few who wanted more details on how I began getting my work published. And of course, a few who wanted to send me some poems for critiquing—sorry, no can do.

If interested in reading the article, click on the link above. Then click on the Launch link for the May issue. Then once the magazine loads, use the arrow at the top of the page to scroll forward to page 11.

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  1. It fascinates me that things ABOUT poets reach a much wider audience than things BY poets.


    It shows that we are interesting to people, even if, by and large, our poetry isn't.

  2. "It shows that we are interesting to people, even if, by and large, our poetry isn't."

    I have a slightly different take: it shows that many people are interested in poetry, but only poetry they've already established an interest in. Read: Don't watch the program if TV guide hasn't spoken well of it.

    What a great article, and I look forward to the print copy. Either the mag hasn't made it to this side of town yet or my copy got scooped up into some pile of papers for the kids' activities this week and I'll discover it in the next couple of days.

    Embrace the weird!


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