Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thanks to blogger Allen Taylor for featuring my poem, "Eve Argues Against Perfection," at his blog, World Class Poetry. Allen also offers a fine analysis of the poem. Check it out and visit the site for lots of good poems and links.

I am also indebted to Allen for introducing me to the Share to Facebook link that now graces the bottom of this post. It took me three days of intensive labor to figure out to get it to work right, but I think I have it in good order now. If you belong to Facebook, you can click the link and it will automatically add the current post to your profile. That is, if all is in good order.

Speaking of cool things on the internet, yesterday another poet made me aware of a new site called Title Page, which the About page describes as "a 21st century version of the Algonquin Round Table." Each month features a podcast of a group of authors in conversation. The current episode, which is number four so far, features novelists Elizabeth Strout, Meg Wolitzer, and Mark Sarvas and poet Edward Hirsch. They "talk about the rich, expertly written inner lives of their latest characters—men and women grappling with hard decisions, stalled careers, uncontainable grief, and redemptive love." It's a 41-minute podcast, so pull up a chair and enjoy. At the site you can sign up for the email subscription. Then you'll be notified each time there's a new podcast.

Here's a geeky tidbit for you in case you've been wondering how to save images as jpegs. When you have found one you want on the internet or in an email, just put your mouse on the image, click, hold, and drag to your desktop. The image will immediately be saved there as a jpeg. Warning: If you're on AOL, the image will save as a "picture clipping." I'm not able to upload these to Blogger, so if the image is from an AOL email, I forward the email to my gmail account. If the image is on the web, I open in Safari or Firefox.

I'm one of seven poets in a reading this Friday, April 25. If you're anywhere near Fanwood, NJ, do stop in. It promises to be most unusual. It's called "Gothic," and we will all be dressing appropriately. All seven poets will read one poem by each of two dead poets, poems that have some connection to the Gothic tradition. Then four of the poets, including me, will read a few of his or her own poems of a "darkish" nature. My dead poets are Joe Bolton and Frank Stanford. The reading is part of the Carriage House Poetry Series, hosted by Adele Kenny, and will be held in the Kuran Arts Center at 7:30. The following article appeared in Fanwood's local newspaper.

To see the article in larger size, double click on it.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Diane! I'm mentioning you in my e-zine this week as well.

    The reading tomorrow night sounds real cool. Reminds me of my poem "Old Goth," which I hope to get published soon. It's a popular one at readings when I attend. I'm anxious to hear how your reading goes. I hope you'll share it here on your blog.

  2. Just signed up for your e-zine. Thanks for letting me know about it--and for the upcoming mention there. And thanks for Tattoo. I'll be sporting some for the Gothic reading. Photos will be forthcoming.

  3. "and I began to pray, Oh let him be mine."

    Excellent turn, that!

  4. I enjoyed your poem on that other blog and have enjoyed reading what's on here too.
    I am a poet too (of course...is there anyone left who isn't?)!

  5. Hi Rachel--Nice to meet you here. Thanks for the kind words.


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