Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gothic Reading

Last night was the Gothic reading at the Kuran Arts Center in Fanwood, NJ. Hosted by poet Adele Kenny, the reading included a total of 7 poets, each properly attired in gothic outfit, though the term "gothic" was left open to interpretation. Each poet, with the exception of Adele, read two poems in the gothic tradition, each by a dead poet. Then four of us read two of our own poems of a "darkish" nature.

This is the Kuran Arts Center, formerly a carriage house, where the reading was held as part of the Carriage House Poetry Series.

Adele Kenny, poet and series director, decked out in an outfit she made herself! She spent two months with needle and thread. The skirt sported a real old-fashioned hoop. Adele complemented her outfit with fangs. She opened the reading with "Spirits," a poem she composed for the reading.

Tom Plante, editor of Exit 13, read Frost's "I Have Been One Acquainted with the Night" and Shelley's "A Dirge." Note the authentic Victorian piano shawl and candelabra.

Rev. Alex Pinto, an authentic Catholic priest, read Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "The Heart of the Night" and Poe's "Spirits of the Dead."

Clearly, some poets are bolder than others! Susanna Rich read two poems by Emily Dickinson, "I Heard a Fly Buzz" and "Because I Could Not Stop for Death."

Bob Carnevale read Frost's "The Pauper Witch of Grafton," dressed as the witch herself. This photo captures Bob hanging out in the attic.

Me, sporting hot pink streaks in my hair and an evil-looking tattoo. I read Joe Bolton's "Black Water" and Frank Stanford's "Freedom, Revolt, and Love." Both of my poets died by suicide, Bolton at 28, Stanford at 29. Amazing poets who should be better known.

Close-up of my tattoo.

Cat Doty read Christina Rossetti's "After Death" and Marianne Moore's "A Grave." Notice the spirits lingering on the piano.

Linda Radice, as the Ghostly Lady of the House, greeted audience members in her vintage wedding gown and veil.

We hope the audience enjoyed the reading. We know the poets did, both the living and the dead.

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  2. Oooo...this looked like fun, Diana!
    And if Susanna reads this ...what happened to this cool outfit when we read at the cemetery? Maybe next time we can all dress gothic while we read to Miss Em ;)

  3. Awesome stuff. Love the Gothic theme. Best regards from Archaikus Gothic Channel.


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