Monday, March 10, 2008

The Fruitful Woman

One of the very nice editors at Skirt Magazine visited my blog and thought I might like a pdf of my poem feature since the page is too large to scan. I've converted it to a jpeg and uploaded it here. Isn't this a beautiful display? It's too small to read here, so go to the previous entry to read the poem.


  1. Gosh, Diane, this would make a gorgeous broadside--congratulations!

  2. Marie--Good idea. I just might use that for an oversized postcard/broadside. And thanks for the listing on your blogroll. You've sent me lots of visitors.

    Thanks, Kelli. Check out their website.

  3. Gorgeous! It's so nice to see good poetry spotlighted in an attractive format (and one that doesn't detract from the words, especially).


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