Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Fruitful Day

This is the cover image of Skirt Magazine, a women's publication, very large 11 x 17 inches, full of lovely graphics and full-page ads for women's products and services, and a number of articles. The magazine circulates in a variety of cities and is distributed six times a year. Each issue also features one poem by a woman poet. A few months ago one of the editors contacted me and asked for permission to reprint my poem, "The Fruitful Woman," which appeared in my first book, Eve's Red Dress. I'm not sure how they came across the poem, but I was happy to say yes. Today's mail brought three copies of the March issue. My poem is beautifully displayed on a single page. The page is pale lime green with a swirly design. Then there's a rectangle in the center of the large page, and my poem is in the middle of that. This format draws the eye right to the poem. Here's the poem.

The Fruitful Woman

Today I dress for you
in scarlet. I am
a tomato, plump
and luscious. I pulsate
with seeds.

Today I clothe myself
in yellow. I am
a peach, succulent
and ripe.

For you, I swathe myself
in gold—all melons, oranges,
tangerines, nectarines.

I am a garden of earthly delights.

I am the red apple
you would fall for
a thousand times.

I am the apricot you would die for.

I am all strawberries,
blueberries, raspberries,
and cherries, all these and more.

Today I am royal for you.
I dress in a gown
of purple plum.

Come, lift me out of my skin.


  1. Great Diane! Congrats! Skirt is a great feminist/cool artsy magazine in the South - their editors contacted me a few times to do reprints and I was really happy with the quality of the writing. Also, it reaches a ton of readers - way more than the average literary mag - quite a plus!


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