Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Poetry of Pizza

I knew that my book, The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop, had inspired the creation of many poems, but never imagined that it would somehow inspire the creation of a new pizza! And yet Caleb Michael Price, pizza chef, poet, and student of Melissa Studdard in Texas, has created a new pizza, the Crafty Poet Pizza. Check it out on the chalkboard at the shop where Michael crafts his pizzas along with fellow chef, Zach. The Crafty Pizza includes avocado, basil, roasted tomatoes, and more! Wow! Too bad they don't deliver to New Jersey. Thanks, Melissa, for being the kind of teacher who inspires her students in multiple ways. And thanks, Michael, for this tasty tribute to The Crafty Poet.

Now speaking of The Crafty Poet, I announced here a few months ago that Terrapin Books, my new poetry press, had issued a revised edition of the book. The content remains exactly the same as does the pagination, but there is now a complete Table of Contents, i.e., one that includes the titles of all the poems and the names of all the poets. Most importantly, there is a full Index at the back of the book. This is very useful when you are looking for a poet or a poem—and especially useful in the classroom. Also I changed the paper from cream to white for enhanced print clarity. And I moved the page numbers to the left and right for easy thumbing through pages.

And yet in spite of these upgrades, people persist in buying the original version of the book. Nice, but I really wish that anyone who wants to buy the book would kindly purchase the revised edition. Why? Well, because of the upgrades, because this edition is put out by Terrapin, and because royalty payments come directly to the press and help support it. So, please, direct your students, your fellow poets, and colleagues to the revised edition. Thanks!
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