Thursday, April 2, 2015

Featured Book: Love, Etc., by L.L. Barkat

Love, Etc.: Poems of Love, Laughter, Longing & Loss. L.L. Barkat. T. S. Poetry Press, March 2014.
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L.L. Barkat is the author of six books, including her most recent poetry collection, Love, Etc.: Poems of Love, Laughter, Longing & Loss. She is also the author of The Novelist: A Novella (an experimental fiction) and Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing (twice named a Best Book of 2011). Her poems have appeared at Best American Poetry, VQR, and Every Day Poems. She is a staff writer for The Curator,  a contributor for Makes You Mom, a writer for Huffington Post Books blog, and the Managing Editor of Tweetspeak Poetry.

Description: Love has many faces. From the sensual to the reflective, from the whimsical to the worrisome. Love, Etc. explores the mixed experiences of love, in language infused with Barkat’s signature sensual touch.

Blurb: Though subtitled poems of love, laughter, longing & loss, L.L. Barkat’s new collection, Love, Etc., is all longing to me—reaching repeatedly for the clarity that surely lies within life’s entanglements. These poems flirt and seduce. Wait patiently for mulberries and ghosts at the window. Make nests. Button and unbutton. Press the edge of the self. They imitate breath and the spaces between, the desires that get caught in the throat when only a picture, a word, a letter, or silence will do. (Tania Runyan)


I should tell you
about my hands, small
and experienced.

The other night,
when my youngest daughter
said, as I tucked her into bed,

Tell me something. Tell me anything,
I turned off the light and whispered this:

when I cut the beets tonight,
the red water went all into
the lines on my hands—

so many lines.

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  1. i think it's lovely that you're sharing great books.

    recently discovered your 'crafty poet' book on amazon and am so excited to begin reading!

    i've added your blog to my blogroll of favorite bloggers. :)

    1. Thanks, Stacy. I hope you'll visit often. And I'm so happy to know that The Crafty Poet has found its way into your hands. I hope that it will provoke many good poems from you.


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