Friday, July 22, 2011

Good News Department

Humpty heard that there's a poem about him in this book.
(Photo by Jama Rattigan)

A lovely review of my book, Temptation by Water, appears in the current Harvard Review. Written by Marjorie Tesser, it has completely delighted me! Here's a small sample:

"Lockward is expert at reflecting complexity of emotion; her wry, battle-scarred humor refuses to be vanquished, and some of the angriest poems in the collection are also the funniest. In 'Leaving in Pieces,' a woman whose husband has disappointed her replaces him with a dog. 'It Runs This Deep' begins by quoting a bumper sticker, 'Jesus loves you. / Everyone else thinks you’re an asshole,' and continues, 'But not your mother,' recounting the love she’s lavished on someone who didn’t deserve it in the eyes of the world. The poem conveys a realistic mix of frustration, fury, sarcasm, and stubborn tenderness." Read the rest of the review HERE.

Harvard Review, a print journal, recently moved all reviews online. This change allows them to now publish more reviews and make them available to a wider readership.

Marjorie Tesser is the author of a brand-new chapbook, The Magic Feather, which happens to be sitting on my kitchen table. She is also the editor of The Mom Egg, a print journal dedicated to poetry about motherhood and related themes.

Something else to check out is Adele Kenny's blog, The Music In It. If you're not regularly visiting this blog, start right now! Especially is you're looking for a site that offers regular prompts and instruction about the craft of writing poetry. A new prompt is posted each Saturday. Adele just posted "When Is a Poem Not a Poem?" Five poets, including yours truly, offer some thoughts. And so does Adele, so that makes six poets. Adele is the poetry editor of Tiferet and an outstanding poet with a new book available for pre-orders at Amazon and just about to step over the threshold and enter the world: What Matters, from Welcome Rain Publishers.


  1. Great review in HRO. Congratulations.

  2. Isn't it lovely! Thanks for reading.

  3. I love the clean design of HRO. And kudos to you, Diane, that's a terrific review!


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