Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Southeast Review: 30-Day Writing Regimen

Over the weekend I learned about an email writing program that The Southeast Review is offering. It's the "30-Day Writing Regimen." I think it sounds terrific. For $15 you get, beginning September 15, a daily writing prompt, suitable for poets or fiction writers. You get a copy of the current issue of the journal which otherwise would cost $7.50. You get craft talks, weekly messages from established poets and writers, podcasts, and more. The journal is mailed to you. The other materials arrive by email. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas, both to stimulate my own writing and to use when I make school visits or lead workshops. So I signed on. Check out the details here. You can sign up online if interested.

Over the weekend I loaded the new Microsoft Office for Mac onto my computer, so I'm ready to roll. No excuses this month.

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  1. Such a good notion. This kind of initiative simply doesn't happen here in the UK.

  2. This is all done online, so you could participate as long as you have a credit card. I'm hoping it will be fun and productive.


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