Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brockton Reading

I'm still in Brockton, Massachusetts. I drove up on Friday and have been staying in the Holiday Inn, enjoying room service and air conditioning. The purpose of the trip was the reading I gave this afternoon at the Brockton Public Library, a beautiful library with a perfect downstairs room for their reading series. Also featured was the art of Tehanne Shabazz who does amazing work. Her art was displayed in the reading room and upstairs.

The series is run by Frank Miller. It's a wonderful program. Prior to the reading is a two-hour workshop for which they bring in a facilitator. Then the open reading is held 2:15-3:15. That is followed by the featured poet's reading. The people running this series have made a big commitment to bring art into Brockton and to bring poetry to the people. Fortunately, they have a very supportive librarian assisting their efforts.

In spite of atrocious heat, 23 people came for the reading. Beverages were available along with fresh fruit, muffins, and cookies. The group was warmly responsive. After this very enjoyable reading, I return to New Jersey tomorrow, happy that I made the trip to Brockton. If you're in the area, check out their series and support it.

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  1. Ugh, it was awfully hot today, Diane! I'm so glad you had a good crowd for your reading -- I only wish I'd been able to be there. Sounds like they treated you well in Brockton, so happy to hear!


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