Saturday, February 16, 2008

Submissions by Email

Back on December 29, 2007, I posted a list of print journals that accept email submissions. I said then that the rising cost of postage had made me increasingly appreciative of journals that have made this accommodation. And now with yet another postal increase, I say it again. Three cheers for print journals that accept email submissions! I've now added eight journals to that earlier list. Rather than make you return to December, I'm going to include the entire list here. Asterisks indicate the additions.

Unless noted otherwise, the journal accepts simultaneous submissions.

**The American Poetry Journal

Barn Owl Review—new journal

Bateau—new journal

**Bellevue Literary Review



Kenyon Review—no sim

**The Literary Review—closed until 9/08

Many Mountains Moving ($2 fee)

Meridian ($2 fee)

**New Madrid

The Normal School—new journal

Pebble Lake Review
no multiple subs (which in my book means don’t submit more than one packet at a time—if the editor means no simultaneous submissions, that needs to be changed)





Third Coast Review


**32 Poems—no sim—website does not yet reflect the change to submission procedure. Here is the site for the Manager

Looking for more? Try:
Poetry Publishers Who Accept Electronic Submissions
compiled by Louie Crew
Drawback to this list—It does not indicate if the journal is online or print. Huge variation in quality of journals listed.

Thanks to Erika Dreifus for pointing me to where you will find additional journals that accept email submissions. I did not include any online journals as they obviously accept email submissions. And I tended to zero in on journals that appealed to me. They might not appeal to you.


  1. I would like to thank for this list. It is very helpful. I know that it took some effort to post. Thanks again -

  2. Thanks. I'll be adding to the list soon, so check back.

  3. I'd also like to say thanks. I came across this after a Google search. Very helpful!


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