Monday, January 28, 2008

Poets on Blogging

A fellow blogger, Peter Gloviczki, has started a series of brief interviews called Poets on Blogging. His plan is to each week interview a poet who is also a blogger. Peter found me via someone else's blogroll (see, they really are useful). He then contacted me and invited me to participate. I was happy to do so as I'm interested in how blogging assists or interferes with the writing of poetry. And I'm interested in how blogging might widen the audience for poetry, something beyond just the community of poets. I think Peter did a wonderful job with the feature. He's added all kinds of links, a cover image linked to Amazon, and some very sweet comments in his introduction. So please check out Peter's What My Fingers Remember. And be sure to also read last week's interview with C. Dale Young. I'm following in some very nice footsteps.

As evidence of the growing interest in blogging, there's a panel session at this year's AWP Conference which begins this Thursday. I'll be going for the first time ever. I'm not sure how I'll manage among 7500 people (!), but since it's within driving distance of where I live, I thought this should be the year to give it a try. My publisher, Wind Publications, is sharing a table with Steel Toe Books, table #436. Stop by and say hello. I'm taking my camera, so brace yourselves. There will be photos.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Diane. Have a great time at AWP.

  2. Nice interview, Diane. I also appreciate the kind words and plug for "One Poet's Notes." I hope you enjoy your trip to the AWP and you sign lots of books.

    I wish I could be there this year and we could meet, but I am committed to helping host a gathering of writers and scholars at my university this weekend.

  3. I wish you could be there also. It would be great to meet at last. I also share your wish re the book signing!

  4. Hope that you are having a good time in New York. Thanks for the link.

  5. So far, so good. Hotel is cavernous so lots of walking. $17.50 for a blt.


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