Thursday, September 20, 2007


I had a really nice reading last night at the Hopkins House in Haddon Township, New Jersey. Although there were only 10 in the audience, I could not have asked for a nicer, warmer, more enthusiastic audience. The whole evening made me very happy. Some readings are just more equal than others.

Hopkins House was built in 1736 and has the original floorboards. The house now serves as an arts center under the direction of the multi-talented Sandra Turner-Barnes. Behind the house is a park and a lovely lake. I had nasty traffic getting there, but it was worth the effort.

This morning I made a computer discovery. It may be old stuff to you, but just in case it isn't, I'll pass it on. If you put the name of something into Google (or another search engine) and then click the "Images" link at the top of the page, you will uncover a gallery of downloadable photos of your subject. That's how I acquired the above photo. If you put in your name, you will find every available online photo of yourself. Cool.

And then another discovery! On the same Google screen I put my name into the browser, then clicked on the "Videos" link and discovered a student reading/dramatization of my poem, "My Husband Discovers Poetry." This was done by students at the University of Toronto. They received a 93%. If I'd been their teacher, they would have received a 100% and some homemade cookies. The smile at the end is ever so perfect.

I'm rather pleased with myself as I have now also figured out how to download and save the video and post it here on the blog. Enjoy!

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