Sunday, June 17, 2018

Summer Journals 2018

Get your mailbox ready to receive good news.

It's that time of year again. During the summer many of us have more time to write and submit, but quite a few journals close their doors to submissions for the summer months. Do not despair. There are still many journals that do read during the summer and some that read only during the summer. This is a list of those journals, all print. Journals come and go and guidelines and reading periods change, so be sure to check websites.

I've added links for your convenience. I've also indicated the number of issues per year, the submission period dates, which journals accept simultaneous submissions, and which ones accept online submissions.

If you find an error, please let me know.

**Indicates that simultaneous submission is ok.
Unless otherwise indicated, the journal accepts online submissions.
If no dates are given, the journal reads all year.

**American Poetry Review—6x-tabloid

**Asheville Poetry Review—3x—Jan. 15-July 15
snail mail

**Atlanta Review—2x—deadlines June 1 & Dec 1
reads all year, but slower in summer
snail mail

**Bat City Review—1x—June 1-Nov 1

**Beloit Poetry Journal—3x—June 1-Aug 31

**Black Warrior Review—2x—June 1-Sept 1

**Briar Cliff Review—1x—deadline Nov 1

email sub ok
$3 reading fee /pays $50

**Columbia Poetry Review—1x—July 1-Nov 1

snail mail

**Cream City Review—2x—Aug 1-Nov 1

Cutthroat—1x—opens July 30

**The Florida Review—2x—Aug 1-May 31 (subscribers all year)

**The Fourth River—1x—opens July 1

**Gigantic Sequins—2x—opens July 1

**Grist—1x—June 15-Sept 15

snail mail

**Hayden’s Ferry—2x—opens for submissions August 1

snail mail

Hudson Review—4x—April 1-June 30 (all year if a subscriber)
snail mail

**Lake Effect—1x

**Lumina—1x—check in July

via email attachment

(prefers no sim but will take)

metrical only

**Minnesota Review—2x—August 1–November 1

**The Mom Egg—1x—June 1-Sept 1

**Naugatuck River Review—2x—July 1-Sept 1
for the winter issue

**Nimrod—2x—Jan 1-Nov 30

via email

**Pleiades—2x—Aug 15-May 15

**Ploughshares—3x—June 3 to January 15

**Poet Lore—2x
snail mail



**The Raleigh Review—2x—opens July 1


Raven Chronicles—2x—April 1-July 1
snail mail

**Redactions—2x—by email–opens July 1


**Rhino—1x—April 1-Oct 31

**River Styx—3x—May 1 thru Nov 30

via email

**Salt Hill—2x
August 1-April 1

month of July
via email

**Saw Palm—1x—July 1-Oct. 1
must have a Florida connection

via email

**Southern Humanities Review—4x—Aug 1-Dec 1

snail mail or via their website

**Sugar House Review—2x—Jan 31-July 31

**Tahoma Literary Review—3x—now thru August

**32 Poems—2x

Threepenny Review—4x—reads thru June

snail mail

US 1 Worksheets—1x—April 15- June 30
snail mail

**Washington Square Review—2x—Aug 1-Oct 15

**West Wind Review—1x—July 1-Sept 1
must have an LA affiliation



  1. I look forward to your list every year to make sure that I keep up with my submitting. Bad News: I don't think South Dakota Review is accepting summer submissions this year. Good news: Lake Effect now takes submissions online! (And I think, for free!)

  2. Hi, Diane, I believe you have an incorrect link for the San Pedro River Review. The link you have posted leads to SPRR which is in Australia. Try this one instead: scroll down.

    Submission is by email. All info is listed on the page above. Thanks for everything you do for poetry! xoxo Alexis.


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